Hypertherm Powermax 65 Plasma Cutting and Gouging System

Equipped with Smart Sense technology and Boost Conditioner circuit, the Hypertherm Powermax  65 Plasma Cutting and Gouging System are one among our most sought after products. The control panel that comes with LCD display ensures easy and hassle free operation. The handle is heat resistant and is designed to be comfortable to hold even for long periods of time. Kindly get in touch with us for all further details regarding this product.


Key power supply advantages :

  • Smart Sense technology automatically adjusts the gas pressure according to cutting mode and torch lead length for optimal performance.
  • Boost Conditioner circuit (on CSA models) improves performance on low line voltage, motor generators, and fluctuating input power.
  • FastConnect torches, CNC interface, and four work lead styles increase versatility for handheld and mechanized use.
  • Simplified control panel with LCD screen for easy operation.

Key torch advantages :

  • 15o and 75o Duramax series hand torches enable operators to easily select the right tool for the job. The handle is more heat resistant and performs at least five times longer in high impact tests than previous torches.
  • Standard and short-barreled Duramax series machine torches allow a wide variety of mechanized applications with X-Y tables, track systems, pipe and robotic cutting systems.
  • Conical Flow nozzle increases arc energy density for superior cut quality with little dross.
  • Patent pending shield reduces dross buildup and enables smoother drag cutting for a better cut.

Hypertherm Powermax 65 Plasma Cutting and Gouging System